Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Clean/Review Week Schedule

A quick note about rehearsal attendance.  We have been super patient about missing rehearsals that were not listed on your rehearsal schedule. This will no longer be so.  The next two and a half week are absolutely mandatory.  We will continue to honor your conflicts that were listed on your form at auditions but that is all. Please be to rehearsal.  I promise things WILL CHANGE as we clean and stage these songs....missing becomes a huge problem for you and everyone you work with in that song/scene.  Let's pull together and really make this show the very best it can be.  We are working our tails off on costuming, sets, props and lighting to support your work on stage. Please honor our work by showing up and working hard!  It's going to be a SPECTACULAR's so much fun!  Let's do this thing!!!

Here is the schedule for cleaning week next week!  You know which songs/scenes you are in now.  If it is listed please be there at that time! There will music and choreography cleaning happening at the same time. Make sure you check both lists!

Wednesday June 14th-
7-9pm- Beginning, storm (dancers only), PUS, 
PUS reprise/Ursula Demise, Daddy's angel (kristin)
8-9pm One Step Closer
9-10pm Beyond My Wildest Dreams

7-7:30pm Eric
7:30-8:00pm Ariel
8-9 (Jess clean Ursula Choreo)
9-10pm Gulls- Positoovity

Thursday June 15th
7-8pm Positoovity
8-9pm Under the Sea
9-10pm Les Poisson

7-8pm Triton/Sebastian
8-9pm Scuttle
9-10pm Sisters and Flounder

Saturday: June 17th
8-9am Kiss the Girl
9-10am She's in Love
10-11am Daughters of Triton/transformation

8-9am Ursula and Eels
9-11am Under the Sea/Kiss the Girl/Finale/Fathoms/Les Poisson