Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Aida Show Shirt

Here is the link to the order form for the show T-shirt! Not required but kind of fun! They are a little over $15 and you can order a men's cut or a women's cut. Make sure you check the sizing chart they provide. All t-shirt must be paid for online! The order form will be open until next Tuesday the June 11th! Thanks!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Nubian Men Costumes

Men! This is for you.

  • Same color pallet as was listed for the women. Earthy tones, brown, tan, mustard, dark cranberry, eggplant...
  • Please have your fabric approved by texting me (Carol) a photo of the fabric BEFORE you purchase.
  • We will have you make your pants but as of now please focus on getting your top made.
  • Some of the patterns have pockets on the tops please DO NOT add the pockets. Also leave off the trim on B5725.
  • As of May 23rd only two men checked out patterns...Thank you! The rest of you need to get on this and not procrastinate.
  • Patterns need to be returned within 10 days of checking them out.
  • If you have questions feel free to contact me (Carol)

View A, B or C. No Pockets

View A or B

View B. No Pockets

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Nubian Women...... Costumes!

Nubian Women's Costumes: PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING!
*These are the patterns we have available for you to check out.
*Please sign out a pattern on the appropriate paper. The pattern must be returned within 10 days (others will need to use the pattern). 
*We suggest you cut out your fabric and take a picture or photocopy the directions then return the pattern.
*When cutting out your fabric please do not cut off any of the sizes from the paper pattern pieces (again, others need to use these patterns, all pattern size lines need to stay intact).
*All fabric needs to be approved by Carol or Kristin before you purchase.
*All Costumes need to be completed by June 17th.
*Included with this post are some examples of fabric, it really shouldn't be hard to find. 
*There are coupons available online for Joann's Fabric and Hobby Lobby. Coupons are your friend!!!
* Please read the back of the pattern envelop to see what kind of fabric you need to purchase.
*Included in the photos is a color pallet.
Think "of the earth" brown, mustard, burnt orange, dark red/cranberry, eggplant. Accents: turquoise, lighter-eggplant.

                                                      Examples: there are lots out there!

Week of May 14-18

Such great work this past week! Two huge numbers! Keep working music and practicing. You guys are awesome! 
Wednesday May 15th- Full Ensemble
Scene 1.6 - Banquet
Scene 2.7- Wedding
Scene 2.9- Judgement
Saturday May 18th- Fight Choreography
Zoser, Mereb, Aida, soldiers (Seth/Romney)

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Aida Cast List

Our First Rehearsal will be TUESDAY April 23rd, 7:00 at CentreStage Studio.  We look forward to seeing you then!
Please email at to accept or decline your role!  If you do not respond we will assume you have chosen not to participate with us.  We look forward to a STELLAR experience and thank ALL those who shared with us this week. 

Aida- Karina LeBaron
Radames: Russell Maxfield
Amneris- Katie Fransden
Zoser- Jayson LeBaron
Nehebka- Kelsie Ta’afua
Pharaoh-Neldon Maxfield
Amonasro- Chad Wilkinson
Mereb-Isaac Larsen
Zoser’s Advisors
Jerry LeBaron, Kurt Williams

Amernis Handmaiden/Nubian Women: 
Tess Washburn
Julie Nybo
Abby Mathews
Canada Johansen
Kirsi Jarvis
Lizzie Rampton
Anna Barlow 
Tiana Garber

Soliders/Ministers/Nubians Men: 
Dillon Elsberry 
Chandler Allen
Parker Francis
McKay Findley
Tanner Gillard
Mason Allen
Seth Callor
Tyler Roberts
Bryson Williams
Romney Mattewson
Logan Stats
Levi Larsen
Sam Young

Nubian Women/Palace Slaves:  
Janelle Tingey
Michelle Clark
Candace Hansen
Jessie Fox
Janice Baetge
Chantryce Diehl
Melissa Clegg
Becka Frost
Kelsey Christensen
Madison Talbot
Kenzie Stinger
Delaney Smith
Emily Wells
Emma Ashton
Kylee Alder
Nubian Children: 
Molly Nybo
Bronco Maxfield
Rose Wilkinson
Sam Wilkinson
Emily Clark
Lexi Stats
Kara Larsen
Morgen Davis

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Some thoughts on the casting process....

About a year ago a friend and mentor posted this after an auditioning process he was directing.  I think it's always important to be reminded of a few things regarding auditioning and casting. I share this with his permission.....

From Jim Christian;
"After sitting through 18 hours of auditions and callbacks filled with over 350 exciting and talented actors, a few thoughts keep resonating through my head. 
First, it is important for those auditioning (anywhere) to recognize that the process of assembling a cast is a collective effort between the director, music director, choreographer, producer, and management staff. All are actively involved in the decision-making process and final selections are made with full consensus. 
Second, for those who are not selected for the cast and wanting to know why, the answer always boils down to exactly the same response: for that particular production…of that particular show…at that particular venue…by that particular company…at that particular time…for that particular purpose…someone else was the best fit for the role. It’s that simple. That simple. 
Finally, it is never the responsibility of the production team to provide feedback on your auditions unless they are your paid instructor or private coach. It is neither appropriate nor fair to expect them to have to justify their selections to you. You auditioned. They chose. Again, that simple. 
Remember every time that you were cast in a production and someone else was disappointed? You felt justified in your success. Aren’t other people entitled to that same experience? 
It is the role of the actor to accept casting decisions with grace and professionalism. An audition is a job interview…and we typically don’t get every job for which we apply. 
Thank you to all who ever audition for anything anywhere. It is a challenging and emotional experience and not for the faint of heart. I genuinely appreciate every one of you who embarks on this journey. You have my admiration and respect."
It's been a wonderful experience sharing these past few days receiving what you were so graciously willing to share with us. 
Thanks again!
Kaysville Artistic Staff

Friday, January 26, 2018

4th of July Musical Info!

21st Annual 4th of July Musical

Show Dates: July 2nd-9th, 2019

Thank you!
We appreciate your willingness to share your gifts with us. The cast list will be posted here tomorrow Sunday, April 21st.