Thursday, June 7, 2018

T-Shirt Order Link

Here is the link to order a t shirt! We decided to go with the grey and red t shirt with our white logo (logo was updated by the artist and looks great). You will be able to see the t shirt when you order. The order form will be open one week!
Next Thursday June 13th the order will automatically be placed. So don’t wait ...I won’t be able to hold it like I have in the past.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hello Dolly Cast List

Kaysville City Musical Theatre
Our first rehearsal is Wednesday April 25th for the Entire Ensemble!
7:00pm at the CentreStage Studio!

If you do not want to join us in the role offered please email and let us know.
If you do we will see you Wednesday!  Thanks

Hello Dolly Cast List

Dolly Levi- Kendra Clark
Horace Vandergelder- Chad Wilkinson
Cornelius Hackl- Dave Simon
Irene Malloy- Katie Fransden
Barnaby Tucker- Sam West
Minnie Fay- Clytie Robinette
Ambrose Kemper- Logan Stats
Ermengarde- Savannah Shapiro
Mrs. Rose- Janelle Tingey
Policeman (Judge)- Dillon Elsberry
Rudolf Reisenweber- Dallin Richards

Waiters (plus Ensemble):
Stanley- Trey Petersen
Fritz- Kurt Thornton
Harry- Tyler Roberts
Louie- Brevin Gardner
Danny- Chandler Allen
Manny- Mason Allen
Hank- Isaac Ferguson

Riley Allen
Liam Bean
Tanner Gillard
Sam Wilkinson
Abbey Allen
Hannah Allen
Janice Baetge
Anna Barlow
Anne Call
Rachel Child
Kelsey Christensen
Carly Clark
Michelle Clark
Jessie Fox
Candance Hansen
Meg Lawyer
Melissa Lawyer
Abby Mathews
Sami Mathews
Elizabeth Rampton
Lela Tingey
Lisa Smith
Emma Turpin
Amberly York

Dance Ensemble:
Melissa Lawyer
Kelsey Christensen
Elizabeth Rampton
Abby Mathews
Anna Barlow

Trey Petersen
Kurt Thornton
Tanner Gillard
Dillon Elsberry
Chandler Allen

Thoughts on Casting.....

When my former professor (Jim Christian) posted these thoughts following an auditioning session he was doing, I determined to post these thoughts following auditons......

"After sitting through hours of auditions and callbacks with exciting and talented actors, a few thoughts keep resonating through my head.
First, it is important for those auditioning (anywhere) to recognize that the process of assembling a cast is a collective effort between the director, music director, choreographer, producer, and management staff. All are actively involved in the decision-making process and final selections are made with full consensus.
Second, for those who are not selected for the cast and wanting to know why, the answer always boils down to exactly the same response: for that particular production…of that particular show…at that particular venue…by that particular company…at that particular time…for that particular purpose…someone else was the best fit for the role. It’s that simple. That simple.
Finally, it is never the responsibility of the production team to provide feedback on your auditions unless they are your paid instructor or private coach. It is neither appropriate nor fair to expect them to have to justify their selections to you. You auditioned. They chose. Again, that simple.
Remember every time that you were cast in a production and someone else was disappointed? You felt justified in your success. Aren’t other people entitled to that same experience?
It is the role of the actor to accept casting decisions with grace and professionalism. An audition is a job interview…and we typically don’t get every job for which we apply.
Thank you to all who ever audition for anything anywhere. It is a challenging and emotional experience and not for the faint of heart. I genuinely appreciate every one of you who embarks on this journey. You have my admiration and respect."

I thank Jim for these words because casting is both exciting and horrible all at the same time.  Thank you for coming and sharing with us.  The cast list will be posted after 5:00pm

Kristin, Jessica, Aaron, Lauri, Derek

Friday, January 26, 2018

4th of July Musical Info!

20th Annual 4th of July Musical

Show Dates: June 29th-July 6th, 2018

Character Descriptions for Hello, Dolly!

Dolly Levi: Matchmaker, widow, meddler, opportunist, life-loving, commanding, strong stage
presence. Stage age: 30-50. Vocal range: alto-soprano. Dance ability: some.

Horace Vandergelder: Well-known half-a-millionaire, widower, owns the Feed Store, gruff, set in his ways, authoritative. Stage age: 35-60. Vocal range: baritone. Dance ability: some. 

Cornelius Hackl: Head clerk at the Feed Store, energetic, enthusiastic, and adventurous. Stage age: 25-40. Vocal range: baritone. Dance ability: strong. 

Barnaby Tucker: Assistant to Cornelius at the Feed Store, naïve, energized, follower. Stage age: 16-25. Vocal range: baritone. Dance ability: strong. 

Irene Molloy: Owns the Hat Shop, widow, beautiful, smart, fun-loving. Stage age: 25-40. Vocal range: soprano. Dance ability: strong.

Minnie Fay: Irene’s assistant, naïve, straight-laced, fresh, follower. Stage age: 16-25. Vocal range: mezzo-soprano. Dance ability: strong. 

Ambrose Kemper: Struggling artist, good-natured, accommodating, wants to marry Ermengarde
Stage age: 18-30. Vocal range: tenor. Dance ability: strong. 

Ermengarde: Horace’s niece, whining, high-strung, wants to marry Ambrose. Stage age: 18-30. Vocal range: any. Dance ability: strong.

Ernestina: Accommodating, good-time girl. Stage age: 25-45. Vocal range: any. Dance ability: none. 

Rudy: Maitre’d of the Harmonia Gardens, proper, commanding. Stage age: 30-60. Vocal range: bass. Dance ability: some.

Mrs. Rose: Street vendor (will be cast from the chorus). Stage age: 35-50. Dance ability: none. 

Dance Ensemble: 5-10 Couples: Age 14+ : Strong Dance ability

Chorus: age 14+.  Vocal range: All. Dance ability: All